{CART OPEN} Stace’s Fermenting Course

kombucha-fermenting-courseIf 15-mins of fermenting a week could help improve your families health, would you do it?
Let me teach you the easy way to ferment foods. 

Let me teach you how easy it can be to bring these foods into your families diet in my Fermenting Course.

🥕I’ll have you chopping a few extra veggies at dinner to ferment them with a simple probiotic pill.

🍶Brewing your own kombucha from cold tea.
🥬Making your own sauerkraut with just 2-ingredients.
🍞And, even baking a loaf of homemade Sourdough. The regular wheat kind or a soft and spongy Gluten-Free one!

We start Saturday. Grab your spot TODAY!


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