Stace’s Meal Plan Membership Is OPEN!!!


I can be your safe-guard to eating better.
I can be your gal that gets your organised—week after week.
I can be your gal that keeps you motivated.
And it’s so simple; it’s called Stace’s Meal Plan Membership. I know, plain name but I wanted to call it that because you get ME!
Yep, you get the meals I am cooking each week, the shopping list, the meal plan. And best of all, you get ME! 

You’ll be seeing a whole lot of me in:

  1. Group cook-a-longs – If you’ve loved my 4 p.m live videos you’ll love watching the weekly ones I do in the membership each week
  2. Group Health Coaching session – Each month I will be in the group sharing my years and years of coaching techniques to keep you motivated
  3. Recipe videos – I have written over 200+ recipes that you can access on the portal. Plus, I’m making my way through them now and adding recipe videos to each one. So you can read the recipe and smile along to me cooking it too
  4. 1:1 Health Coaching session – I’ll choose one lucky member a month to do a 45-min session with.

The value is amazing, and to be honest, the cart closes this weekend BECAUSE I don’t want you to sit on this. I want you to tap into the exact feeling you have now. The energised for food feeling. The feeling of being organised with dinner. The happiness that you’re putting a great healthy meal on the table each and every night.

Make this your new normal.

It’s just $35 a month, and you can cancel at any time. Or if you’re a little like me and like the annual option because it saves you $, then choose that. You save $290 on that one!

Come on, come join us.


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