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Learn WHY & HOW to ferment foods
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Start Date: Sunday 23rd February

Benefits of Fermenting

  • Improve your digestion
  • Boost your immune system
  • Pump up the vitamins in your food
  • Cut your sugar cravings
  • Rocks your gut health


  • QUICK to make
  • Last MONTHS
Stacey Clare

I’ll help you understand fermenting, the easy Stace way. I’ll share with you the benefits as well as how to do it, so the whole family gobbles up easy ferments and gets the health benefits.

Here’s how the 3-days will run…

Day 1

We’ll Make Some Ferments Together…
Don’t worry, it not hard. My video, hacks & support will have you fermenting it in a flash so you’ll have some of your own to try in a few days time.

Day 2

I’ll Teach You The Fermenting Benefits…
In a quick 7-minute video. You’ll leave understanding exactly what fermenting is, why it’s great for you and which ones to buy and which to make for yourself.

Day 3

I’ll Bring It All Together For You…
I’ll show you how to use your ferments in everyday recipes, how to tweak your family favoruites to add them in and you’ll leave with a real motivation and knowledge to ferment for yourself.

Stacey Clare

Heya, I’m Stace.

I’m a mumma of 3 and qualified Health Coach who has taught thousands to make real foods, real easy.

I discovered the power of ferments after trying to ease my chronic bloating, IBS & PCOS. Ferments are packed with fibre and probiotics, two things that were heaven for my condition. I included them in my diet daily, tweaked my diet, eased off on the conventional medicines and 5-years on, I am bloat-free.
Ferments have also helped me to heal my 1-year-olds gut, so his body could clear his eczema. It was easy, I just popped a few spoonful’s of kefir into his brekkie smoothie. A teaspoon of sauerkraut on his dinner plate and a ‘kombucha gummie’ for a snack. It all cleared up.
5 years on he LOVES his ferments. He very-rarely gets a cold and never once has he had a script for antibiotics. He’s a healthy, thriving kid.

Come join me and see how much better you feel with fermented foods in your life.
Stace x

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