Stace’s Slow Cooker Meal Plan

Get in Quick!


I bet you’re a busy mumma who wants to get organised and eat better this winter

The problem is:

  • You cook the same meals each week and although it’s boring, it’s just what you do
  • You aren’t always organised enough to be have food in the house so you can’t just dump something in the Slow Cooker and run
  • You’re sick of the battle with your fussy kids and fear changing meals would just lead to more of it
  • You don’t have time to find new recipes. I mean sure, you have cookbooks but you rarely use them for something new
  • You rarely meal plan although you know it would help you get organised
  • And keeping yourself motivated to try new meals is TOUGH!

Let’s draw a line in the sand. It’s time to try something different

Because here’s the thing, I reckon you’re looking to:

  • Get organised because doing it on your own is brain space you just don’t have at the moment
  • Try new things but finding recipes and different techniques takes time.You’d rather be haging our with your family than flicking through cookbooks and writing shopping lists
  • Cook one family meal rather than a seperate one for the kids and you guys
  • Use up your leftovers in new meal the next night. So you’re cooking once for two meals and not wasting food
  • Get healthier and you know that homemade dinners packed with the good stuff will get you there
  • Save money because shopping most days for dinner.It’s both expensive and annoying
  • You want to eat more like Stace you’ve been following me for years and you’re ready to try eating my no-nonsense way
  • Let ME organise you for 4-Weeks. I’ll have you cooking easier meals and best of all, I’ll be there motivating you to keep at it.


A meal plan to stick on the fridge, so you know what you’re cooking when

A full shopping list that is itemised by sections in the supermarket

Simple 3-step recipes with tweaks and tips to cater for any intolerances

Recipe videos for each meal so you can see how easy it is to make + learn all my hacks


Extra recipes you can try for lunchboxes, desserts and brekkies

Live Q & A with me, a Qualified Health Coach, every fortnight

Loads of tips and tricks to deal with fussy eaters and stay organised

Access to a private Facebook support group so you can share your photos and soak up the motivation.


Stacey Clare

Hi, I’m Stace

And I want to teach you to be a Slow Cooker Pro!

For years, I’ve been meal planning for myself and my private Health Coaching clients.
And I’ve run four widely-successful meal plan courses in the past, and when I saw those mummas thrive, I knew I was on to something.
So I started thinking, what’s the one thing we all love to use at Winter but just don’t enough? SLOW COOKERS!!! I must admit I was hesitant too. I found all the recipes I was looking at were a base of tinned tomatoes and a herb. They all came out tasting the same. So I started writing my own recipes and having my kids try them.
They LOVED them and I loved that I could whack dinner on in the morning and lose the mental load I was carrying most days of ‘What’s for dinner, when am I going to pop to the shops, will the kids eat what hubby and I are going to?
Seriously, cooking this way is less stressful.

Imagine if…

You could start each week with a sense of calm, feeling like you have everything you need to make a week’s worth of healthy meals for your family – that they will all actually like

Imagine if…

You had a qualified health & nutrition coach on hand plus a supportive group of other mummas encouraging you to create yummy, simple meals each day – keeping you on track and motivated

Imagine if…

Your fussy eaters loved the healthy meals you made and happily devoured every last bite!

It can happen.
Here’s how great my meal plan has been for others:

Nikolette — Stopped cooking different meals & her fussy kids loved it

Louise — Is vegetarian & her kids eat meat. Her fussy kids loved the food.

Jo — Loved how simple the meals were to cook and that most ingredients were in her pantry already.  She’s done the course twice already!

Gemma — Used the free Facebook group for lots of ideas and motivation. She’s cooking easier now.



4-nights a week: We’re going to be munching on a little meat with stacks of veggies
1-night a week: You’ll be enjoying a fish dish
1-night a week: We’re going to have a full vegetarian meal.
Now, don’t be thinking it’s going to be Slow Cooker slop every night. Nope. Sometimes the hero of the dish will be made in the Slow Cooker, like a meatloaf and you’ll make a salad for the side. Other nights I’ll show you how to roast herby veggies in the Slow Cooker all day so you can cook a quick bit of fish and have them altogether.

If you’ve got intolerance or even just specific pallets, don’t fear. I have tweaks on every recipe, so you can easily make it vegetarian, egg-free, gluten-free, dairy-free — or whatever-your-family-needs-free.


Still wondering if you can do it?

If they can…YOU CAN


Q. Are these recipes different from your other meal plans, Stace?

Yep, 90% are new. I had to include a few old favouirtes, but even those have a new twist on them

Q. My kids are fussy, will this work for them?

I reckon it will. These meals are wholesome, easy to make family food dishes. I’ll be giving you loads of tips on how to overcome fussy eating, and you can have a live Q & A with me every week – so come along with your questions and I’ll help you.

Q. Do you cater for vegetarians?

Absolutely, I provide tweaks for every meal.

Q. I’ve got some intolerances, will the meal plan still work?

It sure will. Like all my recipe cookbooks I have every allergy possible catered for and I know exactly how you can tweak the recipes to make them work for you. You’ll find the majority of them are gluten-free, and many are egg and dairy free too.

Q. I’ve got a truckload of kids, how many does this meal plan feed?

This plan feeds 2-3 kids and 2 adults. But, you’ll notice many of the recipes make enough for lunch/leftovers, so you might just have enough for your bigger lot. If you don’t like that idea you can always double the recipe, or cut the quantity in half if you have a smaller tribe.

Q. Couldn’t I just meal plan myself?

You sure can! But motivation, kindness and little-old-Stace popping up in your inbox, is going to keep you on track. If this course sets you up for years of meal planning with ease, then girl, that’s money well spent.

Q. How long am I going to be in the kitchen each night? This mumma works.

I hear you – that’s the beauty of slow cooking. Most meals will go in the slow cooker in the morning and be ready when you walk through the door.

Q. How many days of the week do you cover?

All seven. Why? Because I am showing you how to use up your leftovers. Meals will stretch that far. Of course, though, you don’t have to cook EVERY meal, but I reckon you’ll want to, they are VERY YUMMY!

Q. Will I be able to get the ingredients at my local stores?

Real food is easy to find – it’s not in the middle aisles of the supermarket – it’s at the fruit and veg shop, at your great local butcher, and occasionally, in the health food section at that supermarket you used to visit every aisle of.

Q. Hubby often cooks, can he handle your recipes?

100%. 100%. If he can click a button or two to turn on the slow cooker, he’s perfect! (You already knew that though – ha)

Q. When do you send recipes on? I like to shop before the weekend hits.

Go girl! Thursday is the day. You’ll wake to the recipes in your inbox on a Thursday for the week starting on the following Monday.

Q .Will it be worth the money, like really worth it?

YOU WILL SAVE MONEY. It’s the truth. When you plan, you save. You don’t buy things you don’t need, food doesn’t go to waste and the ingredients are a cinch to find.