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Let’s talk real for a sec, how many cookbooks are on your shelf? 10? 20? 30? And now with 100% honesty, how many recipes have you cooked out of each? Maybe 5 at best?


I reckon I know why.

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Pecan and Maple Shortbread Cookies

These pecan and maple shortbread cookies sure are quick and easy! You need just 4-ingredients, a blender and a cookie cutter. They're perfect for birthday parties, christmas gifts and any old time really! Make them and share if you must 😉

Quick Egg & Zucchini Noodle Breakfast

Move away from the traditional toast and use a zucchini noodle to ‘hold’ your egg for a delicious breakfast. This one may look a little different but trust me, it’s a WINNER. The crunch of the raw zucchini works so well with the soft, gooey egg and crunchy seeds. The recipe for this one is in my 'Stace's Quick & Healthy Breakfasts' recipe eBook. It has a whole section of 'Make in under 5-minutes' recipes, just like this one.

Sticky Chicken In The Slow Cooker & Pressure Cooker

This sticky chicken recipe made in the slow cooker or pressure cooker sure is a popular one. It features in my 4-Week Slow Cooker Meal Plan. and everyone raves about how much their family loves it. I make it mostly in my pressure cooker because I find the heat ensures there isn't too much liquid left afterwards and makes everything very crispy. But if you have a little more time, go ahead and make it in the slow cooker, just cook down any of the liquid if it needs it. Any leftovers are yummy for lunch popped in rice paper rolls, rolled in lettuce leaves or just as is. Pressure Cooker Timing = 13 minutes, Slow Cooker Low = 3-4 hours, Slow Cooker High = 1.5 - 2 hours

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