How To Make Homemade Marshmallows

My homemade marshmallows recipe is so easy. It's gluten-free, uses just gelatin, honey and water. Watch how easy homemade marshmallows are in your Thermomix.

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When you eat fermented foods you’re putting good bacteria (probiotics) into your gut.

When your gut is full of these good bugs, they help push out the bad ones.

The bad ones that make us pick-up colds and make us sick.

The bad ones that make our immune system low.

Choc-Peanut Banana Bites

These choc-peanut banana bites have to be the yummiest recipe to use up jus-ripe bananas. Sure there's a few steps, but get the kids on hand and make a HUGE batch and you'll have sweet treats for weeks to come.
And if you need to sell the kids on them, tell them they're little ice cream bites. Seriously, bananas frozen give that texture and taste.
They are GREAT!

Stace's Easy Fermented Carrots

Stace's easy fermented carrots are a weekly staple at my place. I tend to make them with a probiotic pill but if I have some kombucha or kefir on hand, I use that instead. I'd LOVE to teach you just how healthy fermenting can be for your family and how easy too! Seriously my kids help me and often I'm making it up while dinner is cooking, it really easy quick. JUMP ON THE WAITLIST HERE FOR MY FERMENTING COURSE, SO I CAN TEACH YOU A WHOLE HEAP OF EASY, FERMENTING RECIPES YOUR FAMILY WILL LOVE.

Quick & Easy Pickled Onions

Quick and simple pickled onions are my thing. They make scrambled eggs taste amazing, make a regular salad something special and are just the loveliest gift for a friend. I find the mixture works great with other veggies too. I've done radishes and carrots with yummy success too! I wrote this recipe for my Meal Plan Membership crew and they have LOVED it. Go ahead pop yourself on the waitlist for my Membership here. Oh and, have a quick watch of my video of how easy these pickles are to make over on my YouTube channel. I create lots of cooking videos for my Membership rockstars.

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