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Slow Cooker Condensed Milk Caramel

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  • Author: Stacey Clare


I'm all in on treats that are REAL, and this Slow Cooker Condensed Milk Caramel sure fits that bill. Sure, there is a lot of sugar in them, but in my world, REAL sugar real milk is a real treat. Not pretend sugar, low-fat milk, additives etc. So grab a tin and try it out.


2 x 395g tins condensed milk (not skimmed milk version)


Pop something on the base of your cooker to protect it, I used baking paper.

Put your two full-fat condensed milk containers in the cooker and cover with water by at least 1cm.

If you'd rather not cook in the tin, pour them into an oven-proof mug and pop a lid on top. Put the water up to just under the rim of the mug.

Leave to cook on high for 4.5hrs or low for 8 hours. When done. Let the water cool completely before removing and opening.


Please DO NOT use skim condensed milk, it is full of additives and won't work.