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Orange Fruit Juice Marshmallow Recipe

  • Author: Stacey Clare


Homemade Orange Juice Marshmallows with real food ingredients; fruit juice, gelatin , salt and honey.

These are so easy to make, I use my Thermomix, but you could use your hand mixer. The best bit? You choose the flavour of juice!

I tried making these without honey, and although they were delicious, they didn't 'fluff' up like a marshmallow. They tended to have a jelly layer on the bottom and a soft marshmallow on top.


2 cups orange juice
4 heaped tbsp gelatin
3 tbsp raw honey
Generous pinch salt


I use my Thermomix to make these. Heat all the ingredients for 4 minutes, 37 degrees, speed 4.

Leave the mixture to cool for 10-mins on the bench. You'll notice there is juice still at the bottom and a small-ish layer of white fluff (baby marshmallow) on top.

Add the butterfly whisk to the mixing bowl and beat for 12 mins, speed 4, no heat. You'll notice the marshmallow grows in size to nearly touching the top of your lid.

Pour the marshmallow into a lined brownie tin and leave to set for a minimum of 2 hours in the fridge before cutting.

Chop the marshmallows using a bread knife or kitchen scissors. They'll store for weeks in the fridge or are REALLY fun eating them straight from the freezer.

* If you don't have a Thermomix. Melt the ingredients together and let cool. Then whip with an electric blender 20-mins or until the peaks are very thick. Follow the other steps to set.


Please DO NOT leave out the salt; the marshmallow won't stiffen without it.

Depending on the juice you use, you may be left with a small amount of 'jelly' at the bottom of the marshmallow. That's cool; enjoy it like that, or your kid may be like mine, and they LOVE peeling it off and gobbling it up.

Any juice works; we especially love the Nudie brand here in Australia, the pink lemonade flavour or organic cloudy apple juice.

Depending on your juice, you can lessen the amount of honey added. Just do your best to get a real fruit juice, not from concentrate and not with artificial colours.