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About Stacey Clare

My name is Stacey Clare and I live a simple, happy life with my loving husband and two very cute babes.

Before these babes came along life was pretty different for me – I worked in a fast-paced advertising world that was filled with great fun, long hours and pretty damn unhappy people. I left after I (finally) fell pregnant and enjoyed my time being a first-time mum. My days were filled with park dates, cupcake eating and coffee drinking which saw me through the 3 pm lull. At 8 pm, I would fall in a heap on the couch with my husband, block of chocolate in hand and I’d devour the whole thing. Every. Damn. Day.

Although I loved being a mum, I really wasn’t looking after myself and understanding the connection between my health and my family. I realised that if I wasn’t looking after health, my family (and I) suffered. It’s a reality that sucks but a reality that is real.

I walked the streets carrying 10kg of extra baby weight nearly a year after giving birth. My heart was holding onto memories of a less than perfect pregnancy and premature baby flash backs and I just didn’t understand/want to acknowledge that the food I was putting into my mouth and my negative selftalk was keeping me unfit, unhappy and really damn unhealthy.

Finally, the penny dropped and within a few months the weight was gone. I studied nutrition through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition based in New York to become a health and nutrition coach so that I could help other mothers and families to achieve wellness too. Stacey Clare was born and soon after that I started coaching mothers to help them on their own health journeys too.

These days life is great. I now have another babe that was born full term and is the picture of great health. I’ve successfully kept my weight off, my sugar cravings have remained at bay and I love finding time to eat well and prepare food for my family so they can do the same.

I now help women just like you everyday through my coaching services. My goal is to help them to get back to feeling great too.  If you’re looking to get healthy, I can help. Check out my programs here.

Stace x

PS. If you feel like reaching out and saying hi, please do, I’d love to hear from you!


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