Air Fryer Mexican Lettuce Wraps

If low-carb meals are what you want to make in your Air Fryer then you'll LOVE my quick take on a Mexican lettuce wraps. Truth is, this recipe will work great in the oven or even on a cooktop so don't hold back if you don't have one.

Vuly Trampoline Review – It’s GOOD!

A few weeks back the lovely crew at Vuly reached out about their trampolines and asked if the kids and I would like to give it a try. Given we live in the inner-city and my backyard is the size of most peoples bathroom, I was worried one wouldn’t fit.

I’m SO glad I was wrong.

My Fermenting Course Is OPEN

I remember paying $295 to do a 3-hour fermenting workshop. I watched how to make Kombucha and Sourdough.

I went home SO excited and ready to give it a go. But that quickly changed.

I didn’t have the same bottles as the instructor had for the Kombucha, I was worried it wouldn’t work. My sourdough wasn’t rising as he did. And I had no way of contacting him, I didn’t know anyone that was a pro at fermenting to ask, so I gave up.

That’s why my Fermenting Course is different from anything you’ll do.

3-Day FREE Fermenting Series Starts Saturday 7th November

Learn WHY & HOW to ferment foods
that could boost your families immune system in my FREE 3-day Introduction To Fermenting Series.

Join The Waitlist For My Fermenting Course

If there ever was a time you’re thinking about boosting your families immune system, I bet it’s with what’s going on in the world now.

Easy Recipe For How To make Fermented Tomato Salsa

A quick easy recipe to make lacto fermented tomato salsa. I love fermenting my salsa, it adds a great probiotic hit to my veggies that don't just taste great, but help boost my immune system. Have a watch of how easy it is to make and be sure to jump on the waitlist for the next time I run my fermenting course.


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