{CART OPEN} Stace’s Fermenting Course

kombucha-fermenting-courseIf 15-mins of fermenting a week could help improve your families health, would you do it?
Let me teach you the easy way to ferment foods. 

3-Day FREE Fermenting Series Starts Sunday

Learn WHY & HOW to ferment foods
that could boost your families immune system in my FREE 3-day Introduction To Fermenting Series.

Paleo Chicken Strips

These Paleo Chicken Strips are gluten-free, crispy and a full of flavour delight. I adore making these allergy-friendly paleo chicken strips in bulk and popping them in the freezer for busy nights and also the kids lunchboxes. My kids love them with homemade fermented tomato sauce on the side, and I love them in crispy lettuce leaves. Come jump on the waitlist for my Fermenting Course because I'll be running that baby again soon and boy will you LOVE the recipes I share in there.

How To Make Homemade Marshmallows

My homemade marshmallows recipe is so easy. It's gluten-free, uses just gelatin, honey and water. Watch how easy homemade marshmallows are in your Thermomix.

Join My Full Fermenting Course

When you eat fermented foods you’re putting good bacteria (probiotics) into your gut.

When your gut is full of these good bugs, they help push out the bad ones.

The bad ones that make us pick-up colds and make us sick.

The bad ones that make our immune system low.

Choc-Peanut Banana Bites

These choc-peanut banana bites have to be the yummiest recipe to use up jus-ripe bananas. Sure there's a few steps, but get the kids on hand and make a HUGE batch and you'll have sweet treats for weeks to come. And if you need to sell the kids on them, tell them they're little ice cream bites. Seriously, bananas frozen give that texture and taste. They're GREAT!

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