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If there ever was a time you’re thinking about boosting your families immune system, I bet it’s with what’s going on in the world now. Because, are you sick of…

  • The kids getting sick easily ?
  • Your skin being dry?
  • Hubby’s dinner repeating on him?
  • Your tummy bloating?
  • And those sugar cravings?

A Diet With Fermented Foods Could Help

Fermented Foods
Good Bacteria

  • When you eat fermented foods you’re putting good bacteria (probiotics) into your gut.
  • When your gut is full of these good bugs, they could help push out the bad ones.
  • The bad ones that make us pick-up colds and make us sick.
  • The bad ones that make our immune system low.

Fermented Foods Have helped Heal My Families Gut

I brought ferments into my diet 6-years ago after my naturopath said they could help my IBS and PCOS. She was right. I then used them to heal my one-years old eczema and my hubbies reoccurring dry skin & upset tummy. Now, my whole family has a couple of mouthfuls of them a day and it’s kept all of us out of the doctor’s office. My kids never have had antibiotics, throat or even a ear infections.

My course has helped many families too

Ferments are my insurance for good Gut health.

I bet you want good health for your family too. Especially with what’s going on.

If you’re a little like me, you’d probably want a step-by-step guide, with oodles of real-time support to help you make fermented foods, right? Because let’s face it, it looks tricky.

Let me show you how to start.

Fermented Foods are delicious & easy to make

I’ll Teach You

You’ll do it in less than 5-minutes a day

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I will Show you exactly HOW & WHY to make fermented foods.

You could end up a lot healthier than you started!

When you eat fermented foods, your:

  • Immune system is boosted
  • Your sugar cravings are cut
  • You digest your foods better
  • There’s more fiber in your diet
  • You’ll get more energy
  • You’ll have more nutrients in your foods
  • And, stop getting sick as often.

I am seeing so many health benefits in my family.

Everyone needs to do this course. I’ve learnt so much about gut health in doing Stace’s Fermenting Course. I had done previous fermenting classes but I never followed through with them. Stace shows real life how she implements it with her life & family! And just how easy it is to do! Loved it! I am seeing so many health benefits in my family after introducing ferments into our diet.”


You’ll learn a bunch of fermenting recipes with:

  • Step-by-step photo recipes
  • Cooking videos
  • Live information lessons
  • Unlimited Q & A support

Plus a rockin’ support in our private Facebook Group.

You’ll learn EVERYTHING in just 8-hours. and have 3-months to take the course at your own pace.

You’ll learn to make lots of ferments…

With each of these ferments, I’ll give you additional recipes to use them in. Homemade coconut yoghurt can be snuck into the kids smoothies, Sunday morning pancakes, school baking and even in a salad dressings.

And These….

And Many More!

If you
are ready
 to ditch…

  • Doctors’ visits for every sniffle?
  • Bloating after you eat?
  • Scratchy, red skin every winter?
  • Low immune system?
  • And sugar cravings?

Then you will LOVE the health benefits my Fermenting Course could bring.
I’ll be there to help you understand the importance of your gut health and teach you how to make each ferment and get them in day after day, to your whole family.

Doors close Sunday 10th May


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It worked for them…


If you’re still wondering is this right for you, check out these Q & A’s:

Q. If you sign up for the course, how long do you have access to everything?

You can download everything as soon as you join, both the videos and the recipes. That way you can save them to your own computer. You’ll also have 3-months to view the course in my portal. PLUS, you have lifetime access to unlimited support with me in a private Facebook group.

Q. Can I download the videos and the recipes?

Sure can, everything is downloadable.

Q. Is there any GF recipes?

90% are. I even teach you how to make a GF sourdough, two ways! You can use that starter to make GF crumpets, crackers, waffles and even baked goods.

Q. Any dairy-free recipes?

90% are, I even teach you to make coconut yoghurt 2 different ways. Think of the $ you’ll save.

Q. Where can I purchase the ferment starters?

I have a really easy to follow shopping list so you can click and purchase what you need. Yay for home delivery!

Q. I live in the UK and NZ where will I purchase the starters from?

There’s a few places, iherb and a few in your country + most that I recommend from Aus can be shipped to you. I cover it all off in a shopping list you get when you join the course.

Q. Do you offer a part-payment?

Yes, you can choose to pay in full or over 3-months. You can also pay via credit card or direct debit.

Q. I am wondering if you’ll teach how to hide Fermented foods. I am just not sure my kids will eat straight fermented veggies.

Sure is, that is the benefit of learning fermenting with me. Each recipe I teach you how to make the ferment and then ways to use them up! Sometimes you can give just the juice of a ferment to the kids and it has just as much goodness as the veggie does! Hiding it is my speciality, I’ve got 3 kids remember.

Q. Do you teach how to ferment fruit and juices so the sugar is removed? I love watching you do that on Instagram.

Sure do! You wait to you try it, it’s SO GOOD!

Q. Will there be a community page? All your followers are so nice!

Sure is, and you have lifetime access to it! And everyone is really nice!

Easy to follow instructions for a newbie.

I have loved the course. Easy to follow instructions for a complete newbie. Have loved the videos showing step by step which has been great for me being hesitant to try ferments before now. I’ve also loved the range of foods to try my hand at. Thanks Stace.

Lisa B

My little ones health has improved so much.

My little ones gut health has improved so much I’m finally noticing some weight gain in her! This has been the biggest improvement! I was amazed at how easy the sauerkraut was and how easy it is to include at meal time. The course is great because Stace makes everything seem so simple and it would be great for anyone short on time but wanting to improve their families health.

I have loved every single recipe.

I’m a mother to 5, I work and I’d just began to study again. , I learnt so much about having a healthy gut, and Stace introduced me to fermenting. My kitchen is now full of jarred fruits and vegetables, not to mention all the fermented drinks..The course has great videos which makes it easy to follow and I could do it any time, which was very important. This course would be great for anyone who wants to step into the world of fermenting, without leaving the house. Stace gives easy and cost effective ideas and trouble shoots any issues you may have…It’s like have her in your kitchen. I highly recommend this course, I have loved every single recipe.

Pay Monthly

Cashflow Friendly Option


3 x Monthly Payments

Join Now!

Pay Upfront

Best Value


Save $37

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