Want winter to be full of easy, yummy slow-cooked meals the whole family loves?

I hear you, mumma! I can help.



You want to try some new, family-friendly recipes and get out of the same old 5pm – time for pasta again – rut.

You want to use your slow cooker to create easy meals so that you stay healthy and stress-free this winter.

You want to feel organised every week, with your meals planned out and a shopping list ready to go.

You want to help your fussy eaters with techniques and recipes the whole family will happily eat.

You want budget-friendly recipes that taste great and are healthy too.

You want to feed your family healthy meals, but you’ve lost your mojo, feel time-poor, or it all seems… 


I hear you – I used to be there too.

Meal planning was a weekly struggle for me when I first started my journey as a mumma. With one little babe who wouldn’t eat vegetables at all and a second who has intolerances to wheat, dairy and eggs, there have been weeks where I felt getting my notebook out to start planning our meals was just a bridge too far…
But then things changed.
I worked out a system that would give me more time, less stress and would actually turn meal planning from a chore into a joy… Well, okay maybe not exactly a joy – but I feel pretty damn good when it’s done! And now I want to share all I know with you.

Imagine if…

you could start each week with a sense of calm, feeling like you have everything you need to make a week’s worth of healthy meals during the winter months for your family – that they will all actually eat

Imagine if…

you had a qualified health & nutrition coach and a supportive group of other mummas encouraging you to create beautiful yet simple meals each day – keeping you on track and motivated

Imagine if…

your fussy eaters loved the healthy meals you made and happily devoured every last bite!


I loved this course. So many great recipes and ideas that are family friendly and delicious!! I loved how a totally different meal was made using the leftovers. The meals were so easy to make after a busy day at work, school pickup and the boys’ sport. – Rebecca

This 4-week meal plan will open your eyes on new recipes, how to change them up for different meals with less cooking and also how to tweak with extra vegetables to feed the kids and maybe husband too. Are the recipes complicated? No, and they generally use what’s either in the pantry or what you would normally add to the weekly shop. If you want to learn how to not be stuck in the kitchen for hours and provide healthy family friendly food, you have to give this a try. – Shannon

Stace’s Meal Plan was exactly what I needed to get my mojo back. Stace, I love that you are a real mum with real expectations. Your ideas on how to use leftovers and slip added veggies and goodness into every meal were excellent. The Facebook group was a lot of fun with people sharing their wins. I would recommend this to anyone! Thanks, Stace. – Joanne

Such an amazing program and an amazing lady. Beautiful wholesome recipes and so many tips and tricks along the way. Stace was never far away, and if we had a question for her it never took her long to reply with a solution or alternative. The private Facebook group was so motivational, such a wonderful idea. – Alison

I have learned so much with this course, especially with Stace’s tips. I was able to get my motivation back and to cook delicious, healthy meals for my family. – Luna


 Here’s exactly what you’ll get from Stace’s 4- week family meal plan:


  1. A weekly meal plan with all your dinners on it
  2. A full shopping list that you can grab and go
  3. Recipes for each meal with tonnes of tips and allergy tweaks
  4. Cook along videos
  5. Loads of email support from me
  6. Access to a private Facebook support group where you can ask questions and get support from other mummas rockin’ the course.

Here’s how the course will run:

Week 1 – ‘Fall in love with your slow cooker’ week

Sticky slow cooker chickenI’ll send you the recipes, a shopping list and a meal plan straight away. The plan will include easy, make in bulk recipes that will feed your family for a few nights – as I teach you ways to repurpose the ‘hero ingredient’ several different ways.

I’m not talking about boring old slow-cooker stews, either. I’m talking about greek meatballs that turn into a delicious pizza the next night, glorious tray-baked salmon and chorizo, and sticky chicken even the fussiest of kids will chow down on!

All the meals are simple, allergy friendly, and delicious.

You’ll also join me for a live class where I’ll talk you through everything you need to know about using your slow cooker.

Week 2 – ‘Your favourites, made easier’ week


Again, you’ll get all the bits you need on Thursday and we’ll start cooking together the following Monday.

It’s going to be a great week full of your favourites made a little different. Think bolognese made in the slow cooker that is packed with veg, leftovers made into a quiche so you can enjoy it for dinner and brekkie, and a Mexican fiesta you’ll want to make every week just so you can have a bunch of leftovers for the freezer.

Week 3 – ‘You cooked WHAT in the slow cooker?’ week

one pot kids curry
This week is all about letting the slow cooker (or oven) do all the work. We’ll cook a few meals that are so easy, you’ll want to make double and fill your freezer. And you should!

I’ll show you how to make salmon steaks in your slow cooker, make baby quiches and even cook a whole chicken for the tastiest baked dinner you’ve ever had.

You’ll also watch a video of me meal-planning. I’ll share some great tips for creating your own stress-free meal plan in under five (that’s right – 5) minutes each week!

Week 4 – ‘Quick, tasty meals’ week


This week we will focus on a bunch of quick-to-make meals. Expect my healthy 15-minute take on fried rice, chicken satay the slow cooker does for you, and a curry with noodles that’s ready quicker than any takeaway would be.  

Along the way, I’ll be sharing oodles of nutritional advice and tips so you’ll leave the final week knowing you’ve got it – that this four weeks meant something and you can keep life this easy, always.

My family meal plan will help:

  • If you want to use your slow cooker because you know it can save you time
  • If you want your kids to try new meals
  • If you want someone else to do the thinking for you to reignite your cooking mojo
  • If you want to get motivated and kick-start some new habits
  • If you want to learn how to cook in bulk, stock your freezer and use your leftovers in yummy ways
  • If you want your whole family to eat the same meal
  • If you want your family to eat healthier
  • If you want to learn all of my secret tips and tricks so that when the course is done, you will always meal plan on your own.

You will:

  • Save money by sticking to the shopping list provided and using up all your leftovers
  • Save time by knowing exactly what you’re cooking each night
  • Save yourself stress because I’ve organised all the meals for you
  • Get organised because I’ll do all the time-consuming, fiddly bits for you. 

And best of all, you’ll actually cook these recipes. It won’t be like those cookbooks you buy that sit on your shelf, gathering dust. You know what I’m talking about…?

With me motivating you every step of the way, dinners will be new and exciting again!

Other mums say:



Now it wouldn’t be a Stace project without oodles of support points from me. So, expect me to be in your email every few days with a video showing you just how to use your leftovers for breakfast or notes on how to tweak a recipe to cater for intolerances. 

This is so much more than just a meal plan – it’s a fresh start.

Got a fussy kid? Or one with an intolerance? Don’t worry, this meal plan will help.

healthy-kids-meal-plan-recipesYou see, kids are creatures of habit. They haven’t been around as long as you and me, so it’s to be expected that they have their favourite meals and want to see them on high rotation. I get that – I have kids too.  But this ‘real food, real easy’ way of eating will change that. Not only will your little ones love the food, you’ll love all the tips I give you to help get it in. Take the yummy tray-baked salmon in Week 1 – you’re going to chop up oodles of veg, pop it in the tray, and cover it with salmon and chorizo. The chorizo will flavour the whole thing, making the kids that previously said no to salmon, jump right in.  I’ll give you lots of tips on exactly how you can tweak my recipes for fussy ones. So, for the nights when the veggies are whole, why not blitz the veggie mix in a blender for a few seconds, and voila– it’s a thick sauce! It all goes in and the leftover sauce we use up the next night on our healthy pizza. Seriously, you’ll be amazed at how much veg your kids eat over these four weeks.

Think of the time you’re going to save by having all the meals laid out and a shopping list to buy from…

Want to be that mum that always has something in the freezer for dinner? Done! That can be you!

I’m going to take you through the exact recipes to freeze, how to bring them back to life and how to serve them in a whollllle new way! Seriously, freeze some of the Mexican mince we make in Week 2 and bring it back to life in a burrito or better still, use up some old bread and make a toasty for the babe’s lunchbox with it in the middle. Heaven.

I’m the queen of not letting food go to waste and using it up in a delicious, new way. 

My family meal plan will help you stop wasting food, so your grocery bills are cheaper!


So, who am I and why am I so confident I can get you out of your cooking rut?

Stacey ClareMy name is Stacey Clare and I live a simple, happy life with my loving husband and two very cute babes. Before these babes came along life was pretty different for me – I worked in a fast-paced advertising world that was filled with great fun, long hours and pretty damn unhappy people. I left after I (finally) fell pregnant and enjoyed my time being a first-time mum. Although I loved being a mum, I really wasn’t looking after myself and understanding the connection between my health and my family. I realised that if I wasn’t looking after health, my family (and I) suffered.
I walked the streets carrying 10kg of extra baby weight nearly a year after giving birth. My heart was holding onto memories of a less-than-perfect pregnancy and premature baby flash-backs and I just didn’t understand/want to acknowledge that the food I was putting into my mouth and my negative self-talk was keeping me unfit, unhappy and really damn unhealthy. Finally, the penny dropped and within a few months, the weight was gone. I studied nutrition through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition based in New York to become a health and nutrition coach so that I could help other mothers and families to achieve wellness too. My blog, Stacey Clare was born and soon after that, I started coaching mothers to help them on their own health journeys too.  

I now help women, just like you, every day, through my coaching services, my blog and Facebook groups. My goal is to help mummas get over the negative self-talk that’s holding them back and start feeling great, eating nourishing food and loving family life.

But don’t just take my word for it, hear directly from the mums I’ve helped


I can’t recommend Stace in general, and this course in particular, enough! My whole family had an awful run of coughs/colds/flu in the lead up to starting Week 1 of the plan. It threw our household into the usual disarray and I was exhausted just at the thought of trying to get on top of everything again. But then – I can’t tell you the relief of opening the first email from Stace! All my meal planning AND my shopping list were done! Everything was simple enough to be easy but thoughtful enough to be engaging, healthful, and to produce food that was very tasty! The course is absolutely worth every cent and I can’t wait to do the next one. – Abi

So many great family meals – tasty, healthy and easy. The suggestions on how to tweak each meal and how to use up the leftovers were awesome. We’ve got some new family favourites that have already been cooked a few times since doing your course. Thanks, Stace. It was great value for money. Having someone else do the meal plan for me was priceless! Such a sanity saver. – Natalie

Stace’s meal planning course made a huge difference to my stress levels! Having a solid meal plan that suited the whole family meant I could start the week feeling organised and much more zen. Now I am using our favourite recipes and the skills I learned about making meals go further than one night to do my own plans and streamline the weekly shop – saving time and money. Awesome! – Sophia

Stace’s Family Meal Plan was fantastic!!! It got me out of the same boring cooking rut that I was in and taught me some new recipes and cooking styles. It also showed me how having a meal plan can result in a lot less stress during busy working weeks and that you don’t have to have meat with every meal. It helped me to incorporate more seafood into our diet, I loved having a fridge and pantry full of good, wholesome food, and it encouraged me to choose healthier options at other meal times as well. I highly recommend it. Thanks, Stace. – Kate

You’ve got questions?
I’ve got answers!

I don’t have a slow cooker, does that matter?
Not at all. Every recipe will have oven or cooktop times and instructions too.

Do you cater for vegetarians?
Yep, the everyday meal plan has tweaks for every meal + I have a stand alone meal plan that is just vegetarian based. Just check-out and I will email you soon after to see if you’d like the vegetarian meal plan or the standard one.

I’ve got some intolerances, will the meal plan still work?
It sure will. Like all my recipe cookbooks I have every allergy possible catered for and I know exactly how you can tweak the recipes to make them work for you. You’ll find the majority of them are gluten-free, and many are egg and dairy free too. 

I’ve got a truckload of kids, how many does this meal plan feed?
This plan feeds 2-3 kids and 2 adults. But, you’ll notice many of the recipes make enough for lunch/leftovers, so you might just have enough for your bigger lot. If you don’t like that idea you can always double the recipe, or cut the quantity in half if you have a smaller tribe. 

Couldn’t I just meal plan myself?
You sure can! But motivation, kindness and little-old-Stace popping up in your inbox, is going to keep you on track. If this course sets you up for years of meal planning with ease, then girl, that’s money well spent.

How long am I going to be in the kitchen each night? This mumma works.
I hear you – I’m a working mumma too. Many of the meals you could choose to make on the weekend, pop in the slow cooker or better still, choose which night to cook each recipe based on your schedule. I give you ‘ideas’ of what to prep on Sundays, so the week ahead is easy.

How many days of the week do you cover?
All seven. Why? Well, my research shows most mummas that are more organised follow this rule. If it sounds a bit much, don’t fear. Cook what works for you on the nights that suit you best.

Will I be able to get the ingredients at my local stores?
Okay, so I’ve had you take my word for a lot of things on this page and this time you just must. YOU WILL SAVE MONEY. It’s the truth. When you plan, you save. You don’t buy things you don’t need, food doesn’t go to waste and the ingredients are a cinch to find. Real food is easy to find – it’s not in the middle aisles of the supermarket – it’s at the fruit and veg shop, at your great local butcher, and occasionally, in the health food section at that supermarket you used to visit every aisle of.

Hubby often cooks, can he handle your recipes?
100%. No more words are needed. 100%.

When do you send recipes on? I like to shop before the weekend hits.
Go girl! Thursday is the day. You’ll wake to the recipes in your inbox on a Thursday for the week starting on the following Monday.

Will it be worth the money, like really worth it?
It sure will. How much do you spend on takeaway when you’re too tired to cook because you aren’t organised? This is less than one home delivery.



stacey-clare-breakfast-ebookThis course is all about getting your dinners sorted for the week, but I know that coming up with healthy and nourishing breakfast ideas can be a huge challenge – especially when the kids will only eat vegemite on toast!
So, if you join my Family Meal Plan course, you will also get FREE access to my Quick & Healthy Breakfasts Cookbook, which includes more than 60 wholefood breakfast recipes that are perfect for the whole family. That’s a $19 book, for free!
You will also get access to my Wholefoods Breakfast Facebook group where you can share ideas and successes with other mummas and get daily breakfast inspo from yours truly!

Click here to join the family meal planning course and get another $19 worth of value!


Thanks for getting this far, beautiful mumma. Hope to see you soon!

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