Slow Cooker Masterclass

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If you’re ready for the slow cooker to be your secret weapon to getting dinner on the table, fuss-free and full of yummy goodness for the family this winter, this masterclass is for you.

Join Stace’s Slow Cooker Masterclass:


In this 1 hour Masterclass you’ll learn:

  1. Simple ideas – On exactly how to use your slow cooker so you can whip it out for brekkie, dinner and even lunch box baking 
  2. Recipes – I’ll share a bunch of recipes so you can cook some yummy meals that aren’t just mushy stews
  3. Hacks – I’ll show you how to use your slow cooker functions to speed up your cooking and even slow it right down so yummy bone broths and stocks can simmer away overnight.

I’ll share a bunch of TIPS on how to make your slow cooker leftovers in to something YUMMO the next night (and often, the night after that!) 

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