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Let me tell you a little about me, I’m Stace.

I’m a working Mumma of 3, a real-food lover and a keen fermentor. Fermenting is the cheapest and easiest way I know to boost my families immunity and gut-health. They get sick less, and their eczema has cleared up and for me? Well, my bloating eased, and I no longer get tired after eating because the ferments help to digest my food so my body can absorb all the goodness from it.
In my course, I’ll be teaching you a bunch about fermenting through easy recipes you can make at home with glass jars and ingredients I dare say you already have. We’ll be making fermented fruits, veggies, non-dairy yoghurts and spreads plus a bunch of gut-healing drinks. There will also the bigger recipes like sauerkraut and sourdoughs, both the gluten and non-gluten type. It’s going to be great! The course will have step-by-step recipe guides with photos for each step plus recipe videos and a super-motivating community of mummas (and me) that are there to answer all your questions and keep you going!

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