7 Of My Favourite Things For June

7-fav-things-stacey-a-healthy-mumI’m often asked what products I use to make my life as a busy mum easier. I thought heck, why don’t I share them with you all in the hope that these products might help you too?

Just to be crystal clear (I’m an honest gal), these are products I love. I haven’t been paid to feature them nor am I affiliated with them in anyway. I just really, really like them.

Here goes, my list of 7 mismatched items – some cute, some just plain necessities but they have all made my days a lot easier in May:

1 – A crepe pancrepe-pan-healthy-staceyclare
Sounds weird, right? Well, when replacing my non-stick frying pan for the 400th time I was (seriously, am I the only one that can’t find a good pan?), I stopped and thought about what I actually use a frypan for. 80% of the time it’s to make pancakes, scrambeled eggs or to sauté some vegetables for my lunch. So,I bought this crepe pan  with no edges and IT ROCKS. It’s so easy to flip pancakes now and the babe loves being able to watch with ease. I’m 5 months in and it’s going great. 

2 – David Gillespie’s ‘Eat Real Food’ bookA-Healthy-Mum-DIL-1.6
This book is FANTASTIC. I’ve learnt so much about sugar and oils and their connection to our health. I love his easy to read, common sense approach – eat real food that will keep you healthy and stabilise your weight. Borrow it from your local library or buy it from your local bookshop. It’s awesome.

3 – My new ‘Bared Footwear’ shoes
I wrote recently to my inner circle (my newsletter subscribers) about the struggles I’ve had since having baby number two. It hasn’t been easy and I really felt for a while there that Stace had disappeared. I hit a wall and so decided to change a few external things that might make me happier, you know the gym gear I was wearing as my uniform every. single. day. had to go. I bought a new pair of jeans that actually fit and a pair of bared shoes. I really wanted to look like the old, funky advertising girl that I once was, albeit a flat shoes wearing one with two screaming babes, but still fun and funky. These shoes gave me back that feeling. I love Bared shoes not only because they’re beautiful but because they’re great for your feet. I push the pram for kms in these puppies. It’s easy to put your own orthotics in or use their innersoles. Honestly, they’re AMAZING and worth every penny. Oh and it’s a mumma that runs the company too. How cool!

4 – Yoga on YouTubeA-Healthy-Mum-DIL-1.8
Lately I’ve gotten into a great groove of practising a short yoga practice before the day really kicks off. I do it around breakfast time and nothing is certain except for the fact that there is bound to be 1 or 2 babes on my mat, pulling at my clothes and driving a digger over my toes at all times. I make do and always feel better afterwards. This is the one I am loving.

5 – Super funky lunch bags
reusable-lunch-bags-a-healthy-mumI came across these bags as the lovely store owner (Michelle) is often commenting on my recipes on Facebook. I’ve been using her bags for a little while now and I LOVE them. They’re easy to clean, so cute and the fabrics meet my tough standards of being organic, vegetable died and handmade with oodles of love. I’m going to do a big order next week for birthday presents for friends. Buy their bags here and do follow them on Facebook here, they share awesome tips.

6 – Food fascial
Food-Fascial-A-Healthy-MumOh Lordy, this is as good as it sounds. I posted a photo of my having the facial on Instagram and it went bananas. Ha, see what I did there?! Seriously though, it was so good and I’m booked in for another in a few month’s time.  Book and find out more about Elizabeth from Eat Yourself Beautiful here.

7 – Magazine subscriptions
magazine-subscription-staceyclareCan you tell I’m a newsagents daughter? It must be in my blood because I do love myself a good magazine. Oh the joys of turning each page to pretty new pictures – it’s bliss. I bought myself a few subscriptions earlier in the year and I LOVE when they arrive in my mailbox each month. I love the quietness a magazine brings to my life. I leave my phone out of the bedroom and pop in to bed to read them at 8:30p.m, now that’s a great night in. Keep this gift idea in mind for people that are hard to buy for, who doesn’t love a good magazine?

Now tell me, is there anything you’ve purchased or started doing recently that is just ace? Please, please tell me about it in the ‘comments’ below. I’d love to try too!

Stace x


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