I had my gorgeous baby and it’s a….


Things my end are fantastic.
Brilliant in fact.
Last Sunday I had a healthy…

The labour was very, very long, the drugs helped and the gift of a healthy baby at the end made every part of it worthwhile.

We spent a few days in the hospital getting to know each other – it was bliss. For me, it was like being a first time mum all over again as I never had my first babe next to me (my first was born prematurely) I loved showing him off to friends that visited and having him sleep next to me in his little cot. Now we are home and things are going really well – he’s feeding and sleeping as a newborn should and I’m even brave enough to trial a routine that seems to be getting me a decent block of sleep at night. 3 hours counts as a block of sleep, doesn’t it?!
Now, for some more good news but this time it’s for you. I wrote a lot of recipes pre-babe so there’s no need for you to worry – things from Stacey Clare HQ will stay just the same. There are more awesome recipes on their way to you soon but in the meantime, I wanted to make sure you have made one of my favourites, it’s a healthy homemade muesli. It’s delicious and is a great one to make with the kids this school holidays. Make a batch or two so that you have it ready for busy mornings when school starts back.
Stace x  


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