3 Tips To Cut Chemicals In Your Home

NaturalCleaningProductsHave you looked around your home and thought about the chemicals that you’re bringing in and how they’re being absorbed by your body? I ask this question as a statistic I heard recently blew my mind – the chemical toxicity indoors can be 200-500 times higher than outdoors.

How can that be?
It’s the use of chemicals!

As a mother that LOVES a clean house (and will give a good half an hour to make it that way every night after the babe goes to bed), I get it.  Well instead of alarming you further, I’m going to give you some really simple, practical ways to cut chemicals in your home and a chance to win a months supply of the products I use:

1)    Stop using traditional store-bought sprays-  especially for when cleaning your kids’ food trays, kitchen benches and floors. I know I’m not the only one that has a babe that loves a ‘food throw around’ with his food – it’s constantly on and off the plate on the food tray and more often than not onto the floor and back up again. If I was to use, let’s say, Spray and Wipe, that clearly says it has ethanol (read petrol) in it, it would be straight in his mouth. Argh!  

2)    Read the labels and if you don’t understand them, don’t buy it or email the company. I’ve been using ‘Murchison and Hume’ products for a few years now. I understood the health benefits and loved the smell. Then I discovered the brand Resparkle and I wanted to ask clearly what the difference was. I emailed them through their website and the owner; Pearl graciously responded, explaining the difference was that they don’t use perfumes, their products are certified organic and they use a lot less plastic packaging in their products. Given that I have asthma and my husband has eczema, it made sense not to have harmful perfumes in our home. Oh and best of all it was going to save plastic and me money!

3)    Wash clothes/linen in warm water. I know this one can be difficult to take as I understand it uses more energy to heat the water but by doing this, stains come out easier and I know bugs that can settle into baby clothes are being killed. In the end, if I’m using less chemicals which  I believe it’s better for the environment. Most washes I put some tea tree oil or a splash of lemon juice/vinegar in with the rinse cycle and that will ensure any bugs are dead.

Stace x  



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