A Family Gratitude Journal In Two Easy Steps


The guys at Nestlé Australia reached out to ask how I #choosewellness each day. Tricky question, huh? I mean sure, I’m a healthy mum who runs a few  mornings a week and loves a big spoon of sauerkraut on my eggs but this question is bigger than that. It’s what’s between my ears and in my heart that makes the biggest difference to my health, always.

Let me tell you about my little green ‘happy journal’ and how it’s made my whole family practice gratitude, everyday,  in two easy steps. Every night I sit with my babes to gobble down our dinner. Some nights the tele is on (shock horror!) and other nights diggers are all over the table but ALL NIGHTS my beautiful mint green gratitude diary is on the table, with its matching copper pen that never leaves its side. 

I ask my each one of them the same two questions and every night I write them down in my gratitude journal:
  1. What made you happy today?
  2. How did you help someone today?

Amazingly, each time we get a difference answer.  Sure sometimes it’s short but more often than not my 3-year-old will really get into the gratitude questions and burst with excitement telling me how he helped a friend, his younger brother or me. My just turned 2-year-old adores these questions too. Sure he doesn’t have as many words but he 100% gets it. 100%. The gratitude journal teaches them empathy, to think of others and to realise they’re part of something way bigger than just them. When you do something for someone else, it really does feel great.

I write down the answers, under the day of the week that heads up the individual page. And if there’s extra space on the days page  I’ll add in a note on something funny one of them has said or a memory I want to retain. This is my diary. This is my happiness. This is my keepsake. This is my heirloom. This is how I choose wellness.

I would adore you to take this idea and play along to your own beat. For the whole month of September you can get involved with Nestle through social media by using the hashtag #ChooseMyWellness and posting how you choose wellness. Nestlé are giving away $1,000 each day to one lucky social posts. So get posting mummas!!!

Be sure to let me know your experience with gratitude journalling and how you choose wellness in the ‘comments’ below.

Stace x

This is a sponsored post for Nestle. 

Here’s a video of me and the family doing our daily gratitude practise:




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