Healthy Easter Eggs In Australia

I’ve got to cover this off up-front. I debated writing a ‘Good, Better, Best’ post for the healthiest Easter Eggs in Australia. I feared people would think I’m the fun police. I mean surely one day off and enjoying life is ok?

For me, it is.

We take this day off and enjoy the chocolate. I am all for letting kids be kids and mummas eating chocolate before 7a.m too.

So here’s the great thing though, there are great options for Easter Eggs without crazy ingredients that often can send kids (mine) loopy.  These eggs are not hard to find either. An independent grocery store, health food shop or even your local fruit and veg store will likely sell one of my ‘best’ options.  They’re Aussie made, small companies and so delicious.

Alrighty, let’s get into it.

Good – Kinder Surprise. 

This one got my lowest marks because of the number of processed ingredients and high sugar content. Soy lecithin is an additive you’ll see in most chocolates, it stops the chocolate from splitting, a necessary thing I assume. But in this particular one, I am assuming the soy has been genetically modified. Hopefully, I am wrong. There’s also a stack of vegetable oils in here and a flavour called ‘vanillin’. Manufacturers use this as a cheaper, man-made way to add vanilla flavour into the chocolate, but sadly it’s not the real thing.  Last reason I’m leaving it on the shelf, it’s made in Poland.

Better – Cadbury

I nearly added Lindt in here but its first ingredient was sugar, so you know,  I just couldn’t. Cadbury’s ingredients were a little better than Kinders. Full cream milk and cocoa butter were two goodies. I was rather worried that they just ‘flavours’. I am hoping that is just something like vanilla, but so know many manufacturers use that as a way to cover up for a whole host of man-made stuff in there. A simple call to them would cover that off I am sure, but for me, making the ‘best’ choice was just easier. Oh, it is made in Australia too, I was really happy to see that.

Best – It’s a tie, I LOVE Banjo Bears & Organic Times equally.

Banjos are made with carob, which is really similar to caoca only it doesn’t have any caffeine in it, which is good news for my little ones.  I also ADORE that this has no added sugar. Seriously, this chocolate is that epic. They use just whole milk to help naturally sweeten it. Think fat (from the whole milk) and flavour (cocoa butter)  mixed with chocolate (carob powder), my whole family LOVES this chocolate, even my fussy husband. Then there’s the Organic Times brand of Easter Eggs. I am a sucker for this brands ‘Gems’ (crap-free smarties) and my kids have had one of their bunnies each year. Their chocolate is made with real ingredients, stuff you can pronounce and the fact it’s organic means you know the soy is GMO-free. I love that they use rapadura sugar too, which is much less processed, more good bits still in, sugar.  They have dark, white and milk chocolate options and both Banjos and Organic Times are made in Australia and are small Aussie brands that rock!

So tell me, what eggs are your babes getting this year?

Stace x



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