Stacey-Clare-Pregnancy-Family I still can’t quite believe it and I really should because this mumma is halfway in and waddling already!

Thankfully the fatigue and morning sickness that floored me for the first 16 weeks has started to pass, and I am now getting excited and nest-nest-nesting like no one’s business. Two weekends ago it was watching YouTube videos on a Friday night of how to ’tile a wall for dummies’ and getting that done in the kitchen over the weekend, last weekend was helping hubby hang a 40kg shelf in the kitchen, (I sure hope my chiro that I visited 3 times last week isn’t reading this) and this weekend we’re tackling making bunk beds for the babes because mumma has a budget to stick to, and surely they can’t be that hard, right? Ha!


We haven’t found out the gender for this one; the truth is I never knew for the first two, and I am a gal that ADORES surprises. I genuinely excited for either sex, for me, it’s a win-win. I’d love a boy because then the boys have another brother and what a bond that will be but a girl would be so lovely to raise and love too. Just healthy and not 8-weeks early like the first babe is all we’re focused on.

I’ll fill you in next week on how I’ve won at putting some healthy angles to my cravings because let me tell you; I am just a normal gal when pregnant that wants to eat every deep-fried potato chip in sight.

So there it is, I AM PREGNANT! Bub will be here for mid-December,

Stace x

PS. I should also add a work note here if you’ve been on the fence about  Health Coaching with me, now is your time baby. I will be taking a break once bub arrives, so it will be a good 12 months from now before I am ready to go again.


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