My Deviated Septum Surgery Review

Listen up, if you’re a mouth breather you’re going to LOVE this video I put together on my recent nose surgery, deviated spetum to say it all fancy.

I’ve always been a mouth breather.

 Since I was born in fact.

I was always tired.

I knew my sinuses weren’t in good shape.

So I had surgery.

In the video:


I chat through what I had done and how I found it. It’s a full review of the recovery and what you’re in store for. If you’d like to know more about what healthy meals I ate before, during and after, pop yourself on my the waitlist for my Meal Plan Membership here:…

And I am always making and eating fermented foods to boost my immune system. You can jump on the waitlist for the course I run here:…

Stace x


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