Natural Remedy To Stop Bloating – Chlorophyll

Natural remedy to stop bloatingWe’ve all been there at one time or another – the ‘big meal bloat’. For some it’s more than that, it’s a daily struggle and for me it was just that – only it stayed for 4 years.  

It would get so big, that one day (when living in London) I had my MALE boss ask if I was pregnant. Yep, I still remember that exact moment – I was at the office kitchen bench in an oversized dress that I thought covered up my belly, eating an “Activa” yoghurt because the ad told me it would stop my bloating – who was I to question the ingredients, I was working 14 hours a day and was on a major print deadline. The outcome? It didn’t work, that day or any of the other billion times I tried it.

Now, fast forward 5 years, 2 babies, a happy heart and a hell of a lot more knowledge that would see me run a mile from any yoghurt containing skim milk powder, sugar and preservatives. Here’s a tool that works, has none of that nasty stuff and is a key weapon in my assault against bloating; Chlorophyll. 

If you cast your mind back to Science class at school, you may remember learning about this one – chlorophyll absorbs energy from the sun and facilitates photosynthesis in plants, i.e. it’s the ‘green’ part of the plant. Chlorophyll is a nutrient-rich pigment found in leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale, celery and lettuce. It cleans the body of harmful toxins, oxygenates the blood, helps boost energy levels and is my right-hand man in fighting the bloat!

Here are a few more health benefits of chlorophyll:

  1. Chlorophyll cleans the colon – Many a disease starts in the gastrointestinal tract. It could be due to a low-fiber diet, too much meat, allergies or something more sinister. Having a diet high in leafy green vegetables (chlorophyll) will naturally help to keep this tract clear.
  2. Chlorophyll gives you more energy – Without getting too scientific, as we digest greens, their magnesium content helps to rebuild and replenish our red blood cells (which are the cells responsible for boosting our energy.) When these cells are healthy, they’ll move freely, boosting your circulation and in turn giving you more energy.
  3. Chlorophyll stops bad breath – Chlorophyll acts as a deodoriser. Some reports indicate it can also help combat excessive urine, heal infected wounds and even combat bad smells.
  4. Chlorophyll detoxes you – It oxygenates the blood and enables you to release stored toxins in the body, which is especially important for those with chronic illness and reformed smokers

Have I convinced you to add it to your diet yet?

Well if so, you can purchase it in tablet, powder or liquid form. Personally, I love it in the liquid form – I squirt a little into my water and enjoy it most days. It tastes like mint cordial. I love it!  
I buy it in a bottle from my health food store and as always, I look for a certified organic brand. It sets me back about $12 a bottle which lasts me about 1-2 months. 

Have a chat with your health professional/naturopath and discuss the best dosage for you,

 Stace x



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