Natural Remedies For Treating Eczema

natural eczema treatment and remedies

A few months ago I wrote to my much-loved email subscribers about my littlest babe being covered in eczema. He’s 1.5. It came on in a matter of weeks and quickly turned bad, really-really bad. But a few months on things are 100% better so  I wanted you to know all the steps, techniques and remedies I’ve used to treat my babies eczema, naturally.

Eczema is in our family. I was an asthmatic and hubby has suffered with eczema his whole life, so it’s no real surprise that one of our babes would inherit it. It did take years of badgering before he went and checked for food intolerances through a Naturopath but we got  some pretty strong results and acted on them straight away. 2 years on his skin is perfect. He now happily spruiks (over a cider and a burger of course) that changing his food has healed his skin. 100%.


So when our littlest man showed red, itchy skin we were both on board to follow the same path that worked for hubby. The little guy’s food intolerance results were very similar to hubby’s, with a few extras thrown in – eggs, oats, wheat and dairy. We changed his diet about 3 months ago and I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough. I’ve had plenty of support and also plenty of sceptics but in the end, the proof is in the skin – he’s 100% clear and it’s back to being milky and soft.

Here’s the exact treatment I took to heal my babe’s eczema:
  • I had his blood tested through my naturopath for food intolerances. The test is called an igG and a lot better than a standard GP test
  • I removed all foods the blood test confirmed were causing his eczema
  • I health coached myself to find techniques and recipes to cook around this without going crazy
  • I supplemented him with turmeric and a few tablets and probotics from my naturopath
  • I included gelatin to help repair his digestive tract, everyday. I’d sprinkle it on yoghurt, stir it through his dinner – whatever it took
  • I cooked a lot of meals in broth and had him drink broth (he calls it ‘meat juice’) most days, again to heal his gut
  • I upped all pre & probiotics to again help heal his gut
  • I put ‘Moo-Goo’ and coconut oil on his skin
  • I hired a cleaner to help me keep my house really clean and dust-free
  • And best of all, I had Jo from No Tox Rox, who is a building biologist, came in and check our home for mould, rising damp, etc.
How a building biologist can help treat eczema

Jo was recommended to me from 2 naturopaths and a mumma friend. She is simply amazing. Jo is a building biologist and comes in with a stack of ghost buster looking contraptions to thoroughly checks your home for rising damp, mould in the walls, crazy amounts of electromagnetic signals, wi-fi plus a whole host of other things. The reason this test is so valuable is because if you’re living with all of this around you, it’s work for your body to process, right? And if your body is run-down and fighting inflammation (that is what eczema is – inflammation that has become so bad in the body it’s now showing in the last layer it can, the skin) then the last thing it needs is an environment that is going to exacerbate it. Thankfully Jo found very little in my home (phew) but often she does find issues and when she does, she has oodles of knowledge and contacts that can have it fixed for you. That’s the thing, when you know what you’re dealing with you can change it and boy will I be calling her if we were ever to buy a house again or lease one. Have a watch here of Jo in action at my place and please do give her a call and book your own home or rental to be checked. Your health is worth it.

So what now?

It’s time to start re-introducing the foods I pulled out and see how his skin goes. I’ll do little amounts at the start and hopefully within a month or two he’ll be back munching on his beloved scrambled eggs a few mornings a week.

So tell me in the ‘comments’, have you had any luck treating eczema? What did you do? What about a building biologist? Have you ever used one?

Stace x

PS. If you’re in the position too, I can help. You may be in a position where a medical doctor or naturopath has asked you to remove certain foods from your diet, I can help you do that with ease. I can show you how to easily cook around the foods, how to heal your gut and support you to re-gain your health. Shoot me an email here so I can tell you about my one-on-one services.




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