One-Pot Slow Cooker Mexican Beef

If you're like me, you love a slow cooker meal that is more than just meat. I want it to have a bunch of veg, ideally some great carbs and have the ability to be made in to multiple meals. This one-pot slow cooker Mexican beef is one of the most popular recipes from my 4-Week Slow Cooker Meal Plan. You can join and start the very same week here. Over 300 Mummas have done this course and LOVED it.


Stacey-Clare-Pregnancy-Family I still can’t quite believe it and I really should because this mumma is halfway in and waddling already!

Quick Watermleon Breakfast Smoothie

Quick Watermelon Breakfast Smoothie

My babes LOVE smoothies for brekkie and truth is, I love the speed of them too. Everything in the blender and a few minutes later they're ready to go and we can all get out the door. The team at Rafferty's Garden asked me to create a yummy smoothie with their products and I just had to grab the watermelon option, it is SO YUMMY. Be sure to give it a try and if you're looking for some more great recipes for little ones, be sure to pop over to their recipe website. This post was in collaboration with Rafferty’s Garden.

Healthy Apple Crumble With Hidden Veg

A few weeks back I went to a ‘degustation’ meal held by Weight Watchers. Stay with me here...I was sceptical because I am really against demonising foods, counting calories and eating ‘low fat’ foods, everything I thought them to be about. But I was surprised with this ‘No Count Option’ approach which can be good for overall health and losing weight because it doesn’t involve counting, measuring or weighing foods. It’s just about eating real food. Here's the thing, I put food on the table by being a one-on-one Health Coach for mummas, for me that personal way of learning is best, but I would be silly to think that my coaching is the only way every mumma can improve their health and lose a few kilos, it’s just not. Some people really benefit from group programs, and I say props to Weight Watchers for creating that and having a real, yummy and nutritious foods list that doesn't restrict you to ‘how many’ mouthfuls you can consume and uses real food to fuel the body. So I thought I’d whip up a yummy, wholesome family dessert using foods on their healthy food list; a delicious apple crumble with hidden veg. Note: This is a sponsored post for Weight Watchers 'No Count' option, you can check out more details on the plan here.

Simple Slow Cooker Satay Recipe

I'm gearing up for another round of my 4-week Meal Plan and this time I'm going to concentrate on really easy slow cooker meals and one-pan dishes you can pop in the oven and walk away. This super simple slow cooker chicken satay is just that. For me, slow cookers are my ticket to keeping organised and healthy in winter. This satay is packed full of veg and is so simple to make, you don't even have to cut the chicken. Give it a go and be sure to come over and join to the 4-week Meal Plan, we start really soon.

Fizzy Kiwi & Lime Ice Blocks

Kiwi and lime is a match made in heaven. I first tasted it together in a gummies recipe and was happy that the babes adored it too. So when the guys at SodaStream asked me to write them a recipe for the #sodastreamcreations campaign, I thought this sweet and sour combination was perfect. A little fizzy water, kiwi and lime, that's it. Give them a go, they're so refreshing.

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